Saturday, April 4, 2009

We moved into our glamorous warehouse this week, where we'll be until we move into the theater.  It isn't air conditioned, and there was a full eighth of an inch of saw dust on the floor, which took me 3 hours to sweep 3 times and mop.  I'm a firm believer that I shouldn't ask my actors to do anything I wouldn't do.   So I didn't stop cleaning until I could roll around on that floor without gagging.
Speaking of actors -  Here's Omid Ghorashi and Lynn Burnor taking a mug at the camera before leaving rehearsal.  And Kirk German hard at work still writing down his blocking - he's a fanatic about that.  And it's a good thing, since we have no stage manager right now to do it for him. 

But really - it's ideal for us!  We have the full size of the stage to work with, electricity to play the music, a table for props, water, etc.  and height for the finches to fly.   We can be there as late as we want and there's a bathroom (though to be safe, we need to stock our own TP). Kerry Seiffert at Blue Ocean Gallery has quite a gathering of artists and artisans (no courtisans spotted, so far) at his building!  I'm so glad to have found this!

This past week, we were at the DAC (Dougherty Arts Center) and had a great week getting acquainted with each other and the characters.

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