Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Rehearsal

We all gathered at the DAC (Dougherty Arts Center) last night for the first time.  The designers had all met before, but the actors hadn't been in the same room since auditions in late January.  Eliot played us some music and showed us video.  

I showed a pitiful drawing of the set.  Kate, our stage manager introduced herself, and immediately started managing - she's amazing.  

Adam, our composer, couldn't keep his hands off the very decrepit piano.

Once the designers left, the actors and I got down to business.  First up - who the hell are these characters?  We started with historical monologues.  

Kirk paced the dark porch in the front of the building.  After 7 minutes, they came back and we played....  And page 12 and 13 are now completely different.  Ah, Collaboration!  Oh, New Works, which cleave to nothing!

And when I came home, I worked with Fits to get a PR mailing out.

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Dalesings said...

Oh Fits, dear heart!