Wednesday, March 25, 2009

?? - Says NAS sci def is too restrictive.  Is FOR S&W/A&E.

Diana Walker - catholic like galileo.  The board is charged with our future as a state, as a world leader.  Critical thinking must be taught.

Both sides use the same phrases, and say critical thinking is important.  Students asking Qs is important.  But both have radically different intentions behind those phrases.

Dr. Whelan (sp)??, science phd, exxon, parent.  Re: earth and space sci statement - facilitator on TEKS committee.  5 board amendments were addressed and revisions made in response.
TEKS as we revised them are rigorous.  You should vote them in as we wrote them (revised).
Miller - I don't believe I have that revised TEKS.
Whelan - There are 10 members on the committee - no TEKS point is unanimous.

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